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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Microsoft planning technical preview of Windows 8 Embedded in Q1 2012

Microsoft revealed on Monday that it’s planning to release a technical preview of its Windows 8 Embedded operating system early next year.

The software giant unveiled its product road map for Windows 8 Embedded. “Windows 8 represents the potential to reimagine not only the PC experience, but also the specialized device experience,” said Kevin Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded. “Our road map builds on Windows Embedded’s history of aligning the platform with Windows to support an integrated experience across devices, phones, PCs and the cloud.”

The next edition of Embedded, currently named “v.Next”, will provide full Windows application compatibility and the power of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system on embedded devices. The enterprise version of the software will be made available for use in devices such as ATMs and Kiosks a quarter after Windows 8 is generally available for traditional PCs. Windows Embedded Standard v.Next will be made available as a community technology preview for developers during the first quarter of 2012 according to Microsoft. The final release of Standard will be made available three quarters after Windows 8 is available.

“Windows Embedded Compact and Windows Embedded Standard represent Microsoft’s platforms for intelligent systems.” Dallas says. “We need Windows Embedded Standard v.Next to take the lead around application-rich devices, and Windows Embedded Compact v.Next to take the lead around real-time, small form-factor devices. Both are critical to the success of our partners and enterprise customers building intelligent systems.”

Microsoft is expected to be readying a Windows 8 beta for early 2012, around the same time as its Embedded plans. Recent pre-release beta builds indicate that the company has made it possible to fully customize the Start Screen experience in Windows 8.

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