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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Windows 8 pre-beta includes option to change Start Screen background image

Further screenshots of a pre-beta build of Windows 8 leaked on Saturday.

The screenshots appear to show the customization features of what will become Windows 8 beta. Users will be able to activate a color slider, allowing them to pick a custom background color for the Start Screen. The Windows 8 Developer Preview does not allow this and it’s a highly requested feature for Windows 8. The colour slider is a simple and quick picker that appears to provide a number of darker colors for the Start Screen.

Windows 8 users will also be able to modify the background image of the Windows 8 Start Screen. Microsoft appears to be building in sample sets of images to use as a companion to the color options. It’s not yet clear whether these images will include the ability for a user to pick their own image. Winunleaked, who published the screenshots, notes that the Start Screen personlization is a feature under construction so aspects could change at beta. Images of the Windows 8 Start Screen color customization leaked earlier this month.

Microsoft is expected to deliver a beta copy of Windows 8 at CES 2012 with a Release Candidate at the unannounced MIX 2012 conference. The big OEMs, including HP, Dell and ASUS are all reportedly preparing Windows 8 tablets for Q3 2012. Microsoft is expected to unveil the final version of Windows 8 during the Summer months of 2012 in preparation for a holiday push of new tablets and form factors.source-

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