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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Final 'Harry Potter' film to release after all

Harry Potter fans can finally breathe easy! The final film in the multi-billion dollar franchise will release after all, following a potentially fatal financial dispute between multiplex owners and the producers of the film, Warner Bros.

Multiplex owners were threatening to boycott the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--Part 2, unless Warner Bros. was willing to change the profit sharing ratio in their favour.

Given the delay in negotiations, the midnight screenings planned across the nations have now officially been cancelled, leading to millions of dollars in external losses (Warner Bros. doesn't stand to lose any money, per se, but they will not be able to earn those extra bucks by releasing the film at midnight; such midnight screenings usually lead to a mad rush for tickets, thereby leading to massive profits even before the official release).

However, there are still some strings attached -- while the film will release, the profit-sharing equation will be decided only after four weeks, after the film's initial (mammoth) run. While this might be entail bad news for Warner Bros. and multiplex owners, Potterphiles need not worry, since ticket prices will not be affected.

The only thing still standing between you and the film, though, is that advance bookings are still not open and online transactions have reportedly failed. These problems should be evened out towards the end of the day, however, so keep your fingers crossed!

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